We take full charge of your assets

  • State of play of entry and exit
  • Contacts with the tenant and the trustee
  • Work and repairs required (work done with your agreement on the basis of at least two quotes, except emergencies)
  • Recovery / release of the rental guarantee.

Follow ups

  • and advice on rental;
  • Insurance / rental guarantees;
  • General meetings of the co-owners;
  • Possible claims
  • Emergencies (high availability)
  • The restoration of the property.


  • Rents (collection, indexing, payment tracking, etc.)
  • And a breakdown of costs and breakdown of costs between landlord and tenant.
  • Insurance for non-payment of rent (option).
Rental management

Do you own a rental property, an apartment or a house for rent?

The management of your property may be more complex than it seems and require a lot of time. The regulation of leases is becoming increasingly complex.

Tenants' requests for renovation and maintenance work are multiplying, as are the discussions concerning the inventory and the rental guarantee.

For all these reasons, and many more, IMMO TRUST has developed a rental management service on the mersure that aims to fully support the management of your real estate and ensure peace of mind.